What's going on with Valley Thunder?

Here is where you can stay most up-to-date with the publication of Charles Knight's Valley Thunder: The Battle of New Market, including the latest info on its release, up-coming appearances by the author, latest reviews, more in-depth looks at various aspects of the battle and anything else that comes to mind.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Updated author appearances

Tuesday March 8 - William Latane SCV Camp, Mechanicsillve, VA
Monday March 28 - Princess Anne SCV Camp, Virginia Beach, VA
Sat & Sun April 9 & 10 - Elkton Historical Society - Miller-Kite House, Elkton, VA (signing)
Wednesday April 13 - Urquhart-Gillette SCV Camp, Courtland, VA
Wednesday May 11 - Norfolk Historical Society - Chrysler Museum, Norfolk, VA
Sat & Sun May 14 & 15 - Battle of New Market reenactment, New Market, VA (signing)
Saturday May 21 - James Brady SUV Camp, Isle of Wight, VA
Tuesday May 24 - Richmond VMI Alumni Association, Richmond, VA (signing only)


  1. Another just added!! May 3 - Isle of Wight Avengers SCV camp, Carrollton, VA

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