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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

1st NY (Lincoln) Cav book

I stumbled upon a new book about the 1st New York (Lincoln) Cavalry - thank you Amazon and your recommendations: A Lincoln Cavalryman: The Civil War Letters of Henry Suydam, 1st NY (Lincoln) Cavalry; Daniel P. Black, ed. (Old Line Publishing, 2011) ISBN9781937004347 $14.95

Requested and got a review copy in the mail today. Glancing through it, it appears that Suydam - like a good number of his regiment - was captured at New Market Gap on May 13 by John Imboden's troopers and was sent to Andersonville. There are a couple of letters from the months leading up to Sigel taking the field, and one from a week after his capture but they are sparse on details. I'll be interested to see what sort of context the letters are placed into, as the bibliography is only about a page and a half, and about half of that is CW-related. Surprisingly, Jack Davis' Battle of New Market is not listed, although Valley Thunder is and so is Turner's New Market Campaign and Jerry Holsworth's Blue & Gray article about NM.

This one has just moved to the front of my stack of review titles (which also includes, in no particular order: Fergus Bordewich's America's Great Debate, Frederick Hatch's Protecting President Lincoln, and Meredith Baker's Richmond Theater Fire).

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