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Monday, February 22, 2010


My how the world of html has changed since college...and I'm not overly convinced it's for the better yet. I ran several webpages for my Civil War reenactment unit in college, nothing fancy, just free sites through geocities - actually it was more like that was my excuse to teach myself html. I could do all sorts of fancy stuff back then - of course, about as complicated as one ventured to get in those days (mid-90s) was the little color bearer dudes whose flags fluttered so magestically in the breeze...That was then (of course I was surrounded by computer geeks then, that may have helped, now that I think back...)

The last few days have witnessed me fighting with this supposedly user-friendly and any-idiot-can-do-this webpage designer...I think I've finally figured it out now, and the result is: www.newmartketbattle.com The new webpage for Valley Thunder. It's just got the basics up there now, but eventually I'll add bios of some of the key players in the battle, photos both old & new of the battlefield, reviews of the book as they come in, and maybe even a mention about the park's ghosts...Well, all of that assuming of course the webpage designer is in agreement with my plans.


All for now...

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