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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Reenactment after-action report

The book signing at NMBSHP was a spectacular success! The Park sold about 60 or so copies of Valley Thunder, and a few folks stopped by who already had copies. Got to visit with some old friends from college and former co-workers. Weather was absolutely splendid. Now the actual reenactment left quite a bit to be desired - nothing like having the 2 lines move to w/in 30 yard of each other and just blast away w/bttn volleys for several minutes producing of course absolutely no casualties. Sunday's action was even worse, with most of it occurring on the reverse slope of the ridge and thus out of view of the majority of the spectators. Oh well...

In unrelated news, after my official duties at the Park were concluded on Saturday, my son got to try his hand at miniature golf for the 1st time. And thankfully the Green Valley Book Fair (near Mt Crawford) was in full swing, so we stopped by there on the return. Either their CW section is not what it once was or my library is growing faster than I realize, since it was pretty much WWII titles that I stocked up on this time...

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